About Us


Our Vision

We have been in the industry since 1983, managed numerous abattoirs in South Africa, Cyprus, Israel, Ethiopia, Sudan and Tanzania.

Our team conducts feasibility studies for a clients wanting to start up and redesign red meat projects in Middle East, North and West Africa.

The slaughterhouse and meat processing services we provide with our specialised team's aim is to guide businesses to success by assisting them in designing the most suitable beef, sheep and goat feedlot,

slaughterhouse and meat processing facility.

We aim at also providing a service to existing abattoir and meat processing plants whereby we can do GAP analysis for them and assist them to improve systems, train their staff with improved slaughter techniques and meat processing skills. This will help them cut down on waste, improve yields and their overall profitability.

We also assist in obtaining the best options for companies to assist them in obtaining the necessary HACCP and ISO designing, implementation and accreditation.

We are a full service consulting agency with a team of slaughter house, processing, training, product developers and turn key construction contractors who will assess each project and work with the client to find the most practical and effective plan while delivering on their objectives within their budget.  

Our team will assist in providing a turn-key solution required to take the customer's plant from concept to creation. Our aim is to provide a service which starts on a blank piece of paper with a conceptual design and ends with a fully operational plant.